“The songs and tunes she writes are first class... outstanding playing throughout.”

John Atkins, f-roots

” really does deserve to be heard.”

David Kidman - NetRhythms

“...You will like this album when you hear it, then after a second listen, you’ll like it even more”

Allan Wilkinson - Northern Sky

“ outstanding twelve-track collection of music free from adverse impurity.”

David Hughes - FATEA

“...her assured acoustic guitar playing is as good as ever...”

Alan Harrison - NoDepression


Proper Brew Reviews

July 2015

‘Come the day if we need a reason to stay in Europe play this CD.

This lady oozes class’

John Atkins, fRoots

May 2015

“...what does it take for singers like Vera van Heeringen to get a break?....I urge you to discover this charming album.”

Alan Harrison, NoDepression    CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW

“...a highly regarded and valued addition to the growing canon of UK-based Americana flavoured releases.”

Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky    CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW

“...these are songs that come from the heart and through their existence they will touch yours.”

Tom Franks, FolkWords Reviews    CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW

“...a wonderfully understated affair. The band excel with ‘My Sweet Man’, with the instrumental breaks summoning up the power of the wind and waves, monumental and exciting.”


Standing Tall Reviews